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Probably best to address  ‘Concealed Carry’ first since a lot of folks enter the shooting world there.

Some students have absolutely zero experience shooting a gun, which is fine… gotta start somewhere!  

Better to start in a safe and controlled classroom that begins at an introductory level, goes completely to hands on and eventually successful qualification at a shooting range!

Too often we hear that someone was actually turned away because they don’t have experience in shooting, which makes no sense!  This is one of many areas where we excel!  

Included in the ‘Rainey Firearms Training’ version of the North Carolina Conceal Carry Course is the hands on segment of the course called ‘Intro To Handguns’, which preps you for shooting at a gun range where there are plenty of rules, mainly to keep you safe.

Here in the classroom, you’ll learn proper handling, grip, loading, etc. so at least you don’t ‘look’ like a newbie at the range!  :  )   The place to begin is under an instructor that can properly teach the necessary methods that will not only assure success in acquiring certification, but that also establishes a proper shooting method before bad habits can set in.

It’s a whole lot easier doing things properly in the beginning than trying to un-learn years of doing things the wrong way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I need to own my own gun for the Conceal Carry course?

A:  You do not.  Rentals are available for only $10.  In fact, we suggest you don’t just run out an buy a gun for the class qualification, especially if guns are new to you.   A few moments in front of a trained salesperson for that high dollar item could cost you, big time!  The moment that gun leaves a shop, you will not be able to return it for even near what you paid.  You also may not know what’s required for your goals.  Take the class first.  Senior trainer and CEO, Craig Rainey can suggest what’s appropriate for you.  Just ask!

Q:  Aren’t guns dangerous to a newbie?  I’m afraid I’ll harm something or myself!

A:  Of course a gun can be dangerous in the wrong hands, but so can a car!  As long as you know where the throttle and brake is, a car can be safe; we use them every day.   Guns save lives every day!  When you seek proper training, it makes all the difference.  Better to start at the beginning in a safe and controlled atmosphere.

Q:  Do I need some kind of hearing and eye protection?

A:  Yes, it’s mandatory at all shooting ranges.  You will not be allowed to enter without it.  Purchase online however for the best deals.  Amazon is really quick with that and have just about anything you’d like.

Q:  I have an old gun that’s not been fired in many years.  Can I use it?

A:  You can if it’s safe.  An old gun may have rust, gumming or seizing in the internals that keep it from functioning properly.  You’re welcome to bring it and have it looked at first.  Better safe than sorry.

Q:  How long is the Conceal Carry Course?

A:  The NC Conceal Carry course is a mandatory 8 hours of class time plus qualification; please prepare for that.  We will break for lunch and take small breaks throughout the day.  We will not short track you so don’t ask!   :  )   We know there are some pretty shifty characters out there doing things quick and cheap.  That’s illegal and can be disastrous!  Get every minute you can of proper training.  Accept nothing less!

Q:  Do I bring the gun and ammunition to class with me?

A:  NO!  If you have a gun to be looked at or one you have questions about, we’re happy to check it out for you but absolutely NO ammunition is allowed in the classroom area.  You’ll need to keep that locked up and in your vehicle during the class segment.

Q:  Where are you located?  I don’t see an address, it only says North Carolina!

A:  Trainer Craig Rainey does not work for or at any particular shooting range and can instruct in all counties of North Carolina.  You will shoot depending on where the class is held.  Currently the classes are held in the Huntersville or Denver, NC area and will utilize ranges in those areas for the qualification portion.  After paying and registering for a class, you will receive a detailed email with addresses and instructions for the class.




– Lawfully carry a pistol concealed in public.

– Makes it easier to buy firearms, i.e., no waiting period for a gun purchase.

– Carrying makes you more observant, makes you more careful and you can protect yourself from victimization.

– You can protect others from deadly threats and violence.

– With a NC CHP, you do not have to get pistol purchase permits to buy handguns.

(Just FYI, you cannot purchase a firearm in NC with ANY other state permit besides an NC permit.)

– No reciprocity for those who are open carrying without a permit.

– Open carry is more of a tactical disadvantage in most scenarios.

– You are law abiding and everyone recognizes that, especially a police officer if you get pulled over!

– Allows firearm owners to carry in more public areas.

– Educates firearm owners on laws that could save their lives.

– Educates firearm owners on laws so as to keep them out of jail!

– OF COURSE carrying a gun keeps you safe; will save your life, and is a complete game changer to a criminal!

Regardless of what you hear, you CANNOT obtain a NC Concealed Carry Permit “over the internet” AND the state DOES NOT issue concealed carry permits to non-residents!  NOR CAN YOU purchase a pistol with another state’s concealed carry permit!

KNOW THE LAWS AND STAY OUT OF JAIL!  Carry and protect yourself legally.  The last place you want to be is where you’re not allowed to carry your gun.  GET YOUR  PERMIT!

Keep yourself and your family safe and alive…  because YOU matter!

Know the laws!  A permit affords you the opportunity to carry in places that people without one cannot be.  Know where you can and cannot use your gun, stay alive and stay out of jail!

  • NRA Certified Instructor
  • NCDOJ Certified Concealed Carry Instructor
  • One-On-One Training Available
  • Great With Beginners
  • Personal Protection In The Home
  • Handgun Rentals Available
  • Women’s Safety
  • Range Safety Officer
  • Situational Awareness
  • CHP Certificate for NC Sheriff
  • More!

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