Qualifying at Palmetto State Armory Denver

ALL Instruction is not the same...
why rainey firearms training excels!

~ Kristen P.

"We recently had a private group Concealed Carry Class with Craig and couldn't have been more pleased! Craig was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about gun safety and helped prepare us for our Concealed Carry Permit. He was very hands-on and gave us an opportunity to handle a gun (safely) before going to the gun range so we felt prepared and confidant for the shooting portion of the class. The classroom portion was extremely informative and he used real-life examples and videos to help us understand all the material."

"I'm so glad we used Rainey Firearms Training for our CCP and can't wait to take more of his classes. We're already setting up another group to take his Situational Awareness Course to help us feel even safer and prepared for the unexpected!

If you've been thinking about getting your CCP, you definitely want to use Rainey Firearms Training!"

~ Richard G.

"Whether this is your first-time attending firearms training, or your 100th, I guarantee you will benefit from selecting Rainey Firearms Training. Craig is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and professional, and will ensure you have the very best classroom instruction, and outstanding hands-on practice and feedback.

As a retired military officer with over 20 years service (including extensive weapons training with special forces), I found Craig's course invaluable for learning and understanding the rights and responsibilities associated with legal and safe handgun carry and operation, as well as useful tactics, techniques, and procedures for home and personal situational awareness, self-defense, and protection. His straightforward and easy-to-understand instruction style is first class. You will not regret choosing Rainey Firearms Training for your first or next course! We will be going back for sure!"

~ Adam C.

"I took Craig's class a year and a half ago. It was thorough, well explained and provided practical knowledge and scenarios that on would commonly encounter. I would recommend his training to anyone. He also has advanced classes."

~ Robin N.

"Awesome Class! Highly Recommend!"

~ Haylee H.

"Thank you very much! I’m glad I did this class and you were great and easy to learn from. Thanks for everything. I feel more comfortable and knowledgeable now. And also I am interested in other classes."

~ Anna A.

"We had a great time!!
Feel a lot more knowledgeable on the laws, guns, etc.
Great class, covers it all and gun range time.
5 Stars!"

~ Chaz V.

"Excellent instruction with a lot of great examples to illustrate safety. This is my second CCW course and Craig spent a significant amount of time covering handgun safety and handling which I think is very beneficial."

~ Alan S.

"Great class with clear detail on laws, handgun safety and handling. Craig does a great job engaging the class and providing relevant and important detail for experienced and brand-new folks. Timely and well executed. Thank you!!"👍

~ Andrew M.

"Excellent course that provides vital information for NC Concealed Carry!"

~ Cassandra M.

"Great concealed carry class!! Craig is very knowledgeable and is excellent with beginners.
Highly recommend his classes!!"

~ Kerry B.

"Comfortable setting and good information. Need a class? Take it here!"

~ John C.

"Craig was an excellent instructor. He kept the class engaged and was very informative. This class was great even for those without much previous training"

~ Julie M.

"Rainey Firearms Training is excellent! It's great for anyone wanting to conceal carry.

Additionally, a quick shout out to any women out there considering becoming armed, but possibly a bit nervous to do so, I highly recommend Rainey Firearms Training!"

~ Vivienne G.

"Thank you Craig for an awesome job yesterday. My husband and I recently moved to NC from TN and needed to get our NC carry permits. We were expecting another boring day of listening to the instructor and dreading the exam … BUT… that was not the case!! Your teaching style was PERFECT. You TAUGHT us while keeping us engaged and interested all day and we learned so much more from you in one day."

Rainey Firearms Training... THE BEST CHOICE!

'A Memory'

~ Jessica L.

"Craig was the best instructor. This was a renewal class for me after I let my permit expire. This was a much more pleasant experience! He keeps you engaged and shares real life examples. The videos he uses throughout the training are informative and interesting. He also gives you an opportunity to practice hands on technique. He works with you one on one at the range and makes you feel confident and comfortable. Would highly recommend!!"

~ Tyler L.
"Great trainer! He made the material very interesting and engaging.
He was also very informative and helpful. I would highly recommend Rainey Firearms Training!"

~ Thomas N.

"Thank you for conducting a safe, fun, interactive & educational concealed handgun permit class this Saturday.

I am familiar with firearms and have taken the Florida CWP course before. I was expecting another boring class with a repeat of everything I already tested on in Florida but was very happy to find your class goes way beyond just the state requirements. I know you went out of your way to teach not just the state requirements but also some situational awareness techniques and hands-on familiarization with many different weapon types. You provided a lot of information on everything from weapon storage to keeping your home protected.

This was more than just a 'pass the test' course. This was really a comprehensive class on safety in general in your everyday life. I really appreciated the small class size and one on one instruction you provided. A friend of mine highly recommended I take your class for my NC permit and even though I had quicker & closer options, I am very happy I went with you. I will recommend you to anyone seeking a concealed handgun permit and or firearms training in the future. Thank you for an awesome class. My wife and I look forward to taking your class on situational awareness soon."

~ Kim R.

"Craig Rainey teaches a very informative class. The class is long and stuffed with a lot of info that is going to keep you safe and legal, but Craig does it in a way that keeps everyone involved, and attentive, and fun. I look forward to taking more classes from Rainey Firearms Training in the future!"

~ Joanna S.

"Knowledgeable instructor with extensive experience in firearms training, personal safety, and gun laws. Always learn from people who have a passion for what they do!"

~ Nick B.

"Craig is an Extremely knowledgeable and experienced teacher. Puts his inexperienced customers at ease. Highly recommend his classes."

~ Caleb H.

"I took Craig’s CHP Certificate course, and it was a great experience. Craig is knowledgeable on firearms, gun laws, and gun safety. The class is well laid out and makes for a fun day! 10/10 highly recommend for anyone looking to take any of his classes!"

~ Mike Y.

"Solid training. Very interactive and informative. Craig is patient with any questions and has the kind of personality you can appreciate from a teacher/instructor. If you're in the Huntersville area I highly recommend Craig for getting your CCH Certification."

~ Seth H.

"Did an awesome class! Very informational and answered all the questions I needed answered."

~ Vanessa Y.

"We had a private class and it was amazing! Very thorough and I learned a ton. Would recommend Craig to everyone!"

~ Stephanie D.

"Craig's firearm class was fire! I went with my mom and father in law who are both over 70. It was their first time taking a concealed carry class. I went for moral support for them since I've already been through the course (I took my first one through a different company). Craig provided not only a super great refresher course for me, (much better than the first one I took) but also a really great first course for my mom and father in-law. They both felt very at ease and that made a huge impact on their ability to learn the facts needed to pass the course. Another couple of things I could say about his course is that he is very patient. He had many people in class and had to show each of us how to break down a gun and reload it. That's where I saw his patience shine through. He made sure we all did it safely, safety first! He also had some great visual slides that were for lack of a better word.... entertaining. He had all of us read aloud so we could all be interactive which I thought was a great way to keep us alert. He was great at the shooting range as well, he spent a lot of one on one time with each and every one of us.
I highly recommend this training course with Rainey Firearms Training.
Craig, you're the man!"

~ Jacqueline C.

"Craig trained me before basic training in the Army so well, my drill sergeants thought I was from the country and had shot my entire life. I’ve always shot sharpshooter or expert. I still conceal carry and have Craig to thank for it. He has no idea how much that helped my career!"



~ Mike I.

"Thank you, Craig. That was a really well-organized class!"

~ Tammy B.

"Concealed Carry with Intro To Handguns - The class was informative not only for gun safety, rules and regulations but also included safety tips for personal, family and home. The classroom setting was friendly and relaxed and Craig did a great job in keeping us engaged while providing an education. His patience and easy going personality made the nerve-racking gun range experience a little less intimidating for a newbie. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in obtaining a concealed weapons permit and overall safety."

~ Laurette L.

"I took Craig's concealed carry class and was very impressed with his knowledge and how he was able to pass that on to the class in a manner that was understandable and memorable. The class was very interactive and fun! Craig took every question we had seriously and was very helpful in answering them. He made absolute sure that each and every one of us was fully comfortable in handling a weapon. Craig was also very attentive with each of us at the gun range. I would highly recommend any of his classes or private instruction with him!! Thank you so much Craig!!!!"

~ Dan V.

"I was fortunate to have my first experience with a firearm under Mr Craig Rainey's tutelage. He was smart, safe and aware then; I would love to see what I could learn from him now. I have 8 years military since then and I'm convinced Craig is still one of the best!"

~ Bianca M.

"Great class! Learned so much. Very informative! Covered everything you’d ever need to know! Thank you so much! 10/10 recommend!! It is a life changing experience in all honesty!"

~ Titus M.

"Class was awesome!!!!! Coming back for more training."

~ Daniella P.

"That was very educational and well explained! Thank you for the extreme safety measures so we don’t harm ourselves!"
: )

~ Ethan W.

"It was an excellent experience overall. Having minimal knowledge and experience with handguns, I felt extremely comfortable with Craig and he was able to answer every question I had. I highly recommend Rainey Firearms Training for anyone looking to obtain their CC permit for protection, and to become more knowledgeable about handguns."

~ David B.

"Craig was great at providing context for all of the facts around CHP in North Carolina. He has extensive knowledge of handguns, safety, and how to get the best results when practicing. I would strongly recommend Craig and his class!"



  • NRA Certified Instructor
  • NCDOJ Certified Concealed Carry Instructor
  • One-On-One Training Available
  • Great With Beginners
  • Personal Protection In The Home
  • Handgun Rentals Available
  • Women’s Safety
  • Range Safety Officer
  • Situational Awareness
  • NRA Refuse To Be A Victim
  • CHP Certificate for NC Sheriff
  • More!

Qualifications at Palmetto State Armory Denver, NC